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Advanced TMS Techniques Workshop

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Quadripulse, Advanced TMS

Rogue Resolutions are pleased to announce the first one-day ‘Advanced TMS Techniques’ Workshop, exclusive to attendees of the BrainBox Initiative Conference 2018.

This one-day event will give an overview of both controllable transcranial magnetic stimulation (cTMS) and quadripulse stimulation (QPS) as well as the research that has been undertaken using these techniques. Pioneers of TMS, Professors Yoshikazu Ugawa (Fukushima Medical University), John Rothwell (University College London) and Walter Paulus (Göttingen University) will lead discussions on the current usage of these techniques and how these techniques might evolve to be used in future research and clinical applications.

Featured moderators include:

  • Yoshikazu Ugawa, Professor of Neurology at Fukushima Medical University
  • John Rothwell, Professor of Neurophysiology at University College London
  • Walter Paulus, Professor of Clinical Neurophysiology, Göttingen University

Registration for this workshop is free of charge for attendees of the BrainBox Initiative Conference 2018.